School Lunch Program

We are excited to announce that Willow Oak Montessori is partnering with the School Nutrition Services of Chatham County Schools to allow all WOM students the opportunity to receive free lunches and afternoon snacks at school during the 2021-2022 school year. This partnership not only benefits the WOM community, it benefits all of Chatham County, as the more meals CCS Nutrition Services provide, the more funding they receive. In turn, this allows them to staff their nutrition program and offer more items on their menus. There will be no income or other requirements to determine eligibility; the opportunity is open to all students for this school year. However, we do not yet know what the eligibility requirements may be for future years.

The sign-up deadline was September 3 and has now passed. If you are a newly enrolled family and would like your child to receive school lunch, please contact Charleen Cody at as soon as possible. Please note that this will not be the kind of program in which families are able to select certain days based on menu options. This is a Monday-through-Friday program. Note that families can request vegetarian, religious or health-related meal accommodations.

Sign Up Here

If you missed the sign-up deadline, please contact Chatham County Schools School Nutrition Service at (919) 542-6600 to register your child. Deadline: Sept. 3, 2021

Volunteer to Help Distribute Meals

Please complete this form if your child requires health-related accommodations for meals.