Authentic Montessori...

At Willow Oak Montessori, we are first and foremost a Montessori community, passionate about sharing this beautiful educational philosophy with more people in our community.

As such, you will find the following in our school:
  • Mixed-age classrooms that correspond with the planes of development observed by Dr. Montessori
  • —Inviting Montessori materials
  • —Freedom of movement
  • —Weekly work plans with mapping of Montessori curriculum to Common Core standards in mind
  • —Exceptional Children served in the classroom as much as possible

For a brief look inside an elementary classroom, please watch this American Montessori Society video by Eric Johnson:

Elementary Montessori by Eric Johnson

...based on shared values...

We are guided in our work by our shared respect for individual growth, interdependence, peaceful cooperation, and respectful care.

You can read more about our values here.

...delivered in a small school community...

We want to know every child in our community well. As a result, the maximum enrollment for our charter school is projected at 240 students over eight grades.

This is what our school will look like when we've completed our growth in our 6th year (each rectangle represents one mixed-age classroom):

Growth through Year 6

...that is intentionally diverse.

We believe that children are best prepared for the challenges of the real world if their education occurs in an environment that reflects the diversity of that world. As such, we seek to be a community that is diverse in many ways, from race and socio-economic status to family structure and religious affiliation.

One of the four committees focused on launching the charter school is the Diversity and Outreach Committee.   This group of dedicated volunteers has been aggressively reaching out to families at sporting events and by walking door-to-door in specific neighborhoods. Volunteers have also contacted a number of churches, synagogues, mosques, and community organizations to share information about the school in an effort to ensure that everyone has a chance to participate in this new education opportunity.  

We enjoy sharing the good news about our school, the Montessori philosophy, and the priority that both place on understanding our diverse world and developing a respect for other cultures. With an integrated peace curriculum that includes lessons in grace, courtesy, and conflict resolution, Montessori is well-positioned to help students develop the life skills necessary to navigate 21st century society, not just the academic skills necessary to get a job.