2013-2014 Admissions and Lottery Information

2013-2014 Admissions Application

The 2013-2014 application can be downloaded here.


The lottery application deadline is 12:00 noon on Monday April 8, 2013. We cannot make any exceptions. Any applications received after the deadline will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist in the order that they are received.

Please complete the application completely, accurately, and truthfully, and follow the instructions on the form to submit your application to us. Contact us if you do not receive acknowledgment that your application has been received within five (5) days of submission. Mailed applications must be postmarked by Friday April 5, 2013 to allow sufficient time for the application to reach us by the noon deadline on April 8, 2013. We cannot be responsible for lost or misdirected mail.

Regular office hours are 9am-12pm Monday, Wednesday, and Friday if you would like to hand-deliver your application to us at 50101 Governors Drive, Suite 170, Chapel Hill, NC 27517. Please call us at (919) 240-7787 if you would like to hand-deliver the application at another time.

If more applications are received than the number of spots available, a public lottery will be held on Monday April 15, 2013 at 6:00pm at the Bold Building in Governors Village (50101 Governors Drive, Suite 170, Chapel Hill, NC 27517).

You will have seven days to accept an offered spot. Please ask any questions now so that you have the information you need to make a decision in that timeframe. Please also prepare a copy of the child's birth certificate, proof of residency, and immunization record to be submitted at the time of enrollment.

Willow Oak Montessori Admissions Policy

Subject to the availability of space, Willow Oak Montessori will enroll any eligible student under North Carolina Law who submits a complete application by the required date, regardless of where the student lives. In the first year of operation, priority enrollment will be given to children of members of the founding board of directors (not to exceed the lesser of 20 students or 10% of enrollment) and to children of the Head of School, teachers, and teacher assistants. After the first year of operation, existing students will be guaranteed a place in the next grade level, and priority enrollment will be given to siblings of current year students who are continuing at the school and to children of the principal, teachers, and teacher assistants in the first year the child is eligible to enroll. If the number of applicants for a grade level exceeds the openings available at that grade level, we will employ a lottery that gives all applicants an equal chance of being admitted. Applications will be accepted for a period of at least one month prior to the lottery. Multiple-birth siblings will have one entry into the lottery, and will be admitted or placed on the waiting list together.

The lottery will be held in a meeting that is open to the public by one or more members of the Board of Directors. The Board member will not be the parent of a current or applying student, and at least one additional impartial person from the community will also be present to ensure fairness. All names will be randomly drawn and students will be admitted based on the order of selection. The lottery will continue until all names are drawn, and students not admitted will be placed on a waiting list in the order in which their names are drawn. Lottery results will be posted and sent to families via telephone and electronic mail, if an e-mail address is provided. Families will be given seven days to accept the student’s place in the school. If any admitted student declines to enroll in the School, then admission will be offered to students on the waiting list, in order. If openings remain available for any grade after the enrollment period ends, then additional applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis until there are no further openings.