Board & Committee Information and Forms

Willow Oak Montessori Boards of Directors

An Introduction

Our Structure

Parent and community volunteer members meet to monitor the effective operation of three legal entities (Willow Oak Montessori Charter School, Inc., Willow Oak Montessori Children's House, Inc., and Willow Oak Montessori Foundation, Inc.) in accordance with the policies that have been adopted by the Board and all applicable laws and regulations. The Board governs the schools and the foundation, and the Head of School is responsible for operationally implementing its plans and policies. The Board is responsible for hiring and evaluating the Head of School.  

We have seven standing committees plus ad-hoc committees as needed. Others may be added as the Board decides appropriate as part of long-range goals. The Chair of each Committee is a current board member. Board members not serving as Chair, serve as an active member of at least one of the standing committees.

All regular meetings of the Board of Directors are open to the public and are held at The Bold Building, Suite 170, Governors Village, 50101 Governors Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27517. Meetings begin at 7:30pm unless otherwise noted. Committee meeting locations and times are determined at the start of the year by committee agreement.


The Board receives regular updates from the Head of School and Assistant Heads of School on a variety of academic, operational, and financial accountability goals that are included in the Charter School’s charter and/or the Head of School’s annual goals developed by the Board.

As a Montessori school, our academic goals are appropriately focused on the growth of all of our students, though the Charter School also has specific proficiency goals related to state testing.

Our operational goals include compliance with all relevant laws and regulations but also on the satisfaction of students, parents, and faculty members. It is important that Willow Oak Montessori be a place where learning feels good for students and their teachers.

Finally, we are committed to making prudent financial decisions so that we have the financial resources necessary to achieve our long-term goals. The Office of Charter Schools at the Department of Public Instruction has provided a Financial Performance Framework that they use to assess the financial health of charter schools. We will monitor the ratios and data included in that framework for both schools to ensure that our decisions will ensure financial stability for the future.

In addition to governing the Charter School, the board of Willow Oak Montessori monitors and makes decisions for the Children’s House, ensuring appropriate growth and stability of the Children’s House.

Future Facilities and Campaigns

Willow Oak Montessori has been planning for the future for many years. The opening of the charter school was one step in a growth plan that included eventually developing a permanent campus that would meet the learning needs of all of our students in a beautiful setting that effectively integrated indoor and outdoor learning environments.

To that end, the Board of Directors has purchased a 15-acre tract of land on Andrews Store Road and plans to move both schools to that location as soon as possible. Charter schools do not receive funding from the State or County to build or operate facilities. That means we have to provide for all facility costs out of our normal operating funds, unlike traditional public schools that have buildings provided by the County. As a result, we conducted an effective capital fundraising campaign to achieve our facility goals.  

Operations and Programming Children's House
Strategic Planning